Jamille has traveled to various schools sharing her effective strategies and was a special guest at the 2018 Texas Library Association state conference.  She has a contagious enthusiasm for helping male students be successful in and out of the classroom.  With her book, Be Kind.  Be Brave.  Be a Hero., she is able to spread her message of hope and inspire her readers to develop positive character traits. She currently resides in Conway, Arkansas with her husband Korey.  She enjoys meeting new people and traveling outside of the U.S.  Her favorite color is orange and her favorite food is french fries. Jamille is excited to see where her new-found talent as an author will take her!



Monica Garcia is an elementary school teacher with a heart for children, learning, and art. She knows firsthand that words paired with illustrations have the power to inspire creative thinking; so working with Jamille Rogers Thomas to create a book with a message of hope & kindness was an opportunity she could not pass up!  Though Be Kind. Be Brave. Be a Hero. is the first book she has illustrated, she has been practicing her skills for years. She has produced many portraits and paintings. Her favorite part is seeing the reaction of joy from the people who order her work.  She is excited to be a part of something as special as this book, but even more excited to share the love and encourage children to keep reaching for their dreams!

Book Description

Walk through the young life of William Thomas Rogers, an African-American male baby boomer. Born in Arkansas with strong family values, he manages to overcome negative experiences with integration and bullying.

“Using kindness to overcome adversity”

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